How To Use Our Service


  1. If you want to register your profile on our website, then you can simply send your updated Bio-data to Mr. Suresh Saluja, Address along with an account payee cheque of Rs. 499/- only or you can also pay via cash by depositing the amount to our trust account number.
  2. Note: Check allow only CBS Branch

  3. After registration, you will receive a message with a unique registration number, by which you profile will be identified on the portal.

Without Registration

  1. You can simply fill in the required details and use the search option on the home page click here.

Details of the registered members

  1. To avail this service all you have to do is pay a nominal charge of Rs. 100/- per selection applicable on registered users and the details of the short-listed candidate will be provided to you so that you can connect with them.

Mode of payment Through RTGS Only Reg. fee Rs-499 AND enquiry charges Rs 100 and Through Cash or cheque FEE+CHARGES i.e 499+30= 529 , 100+30=130

*For any query Contact us : 7533900071 (Punjabi & Brahmin) 7535900071(Jain & Vaisha) Timining 10:30 to 05:30 Sunday off

Note : If the profile is available, only then you would be provided the complete details.

Account Details

Account Holder:

A/C Number: 6218002100000701

Bank Name: Punjab National Bank, Saharanpur

IFSC Code: PUNB0621800


How To Search Profile

To search a profile on its very simple. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Home Page where we provide two option for search a profile - one is quick search and another is detail search. You can use any option for search a profile.

  2. Quick Search works when you know the profile registration number you are interested in and you can quickly visit their profile.

  3. Detail Search works when you fill all the options given in home page as per your requirement and then we shall provide you the best possible results according to your selected options.

  4. For any queries you can contact us.

  5. Best view for site you can use Google Chrome.